To The Battling Blackfoot Company

"The story of the men, for whom this site is humbly dedicated is an inspiring one. They came together unknown to each other and formed themselves into a closely knitted fighting unit. Throughout their period in Vietnam, their magnificent fighting spirit was a constant feature against an ever changing background. Again and again their discipline, fortitude, bravery and high spirits distinguished them on the battlefield as true combat Infantrymen."

Col. (Ret.) Herbert H. Ray
5th Bn 12th Inf. Commanding Officer

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Due to some unwanted messages, the guest book has been shut down.

We are now in the process of finding a system, to better manage the guest book,

and be able to delete some of these unwanted messages. Any idea's are welcome!

A Special "Thank You" to Bill Batty of the B-5-12  2nd Platoon.
He provided the picture of Capt. Kent Miller, that we had been
looking for.                                                                 

Bill came in country on April 1,1968 and was with us for 5 months.
You can see a picture of Mr. Batty on the Misc. photo page.         

This site would not have been possible had it not been for
the foresight of Lt. Peter Comstock. He kept a vinyl      
notebook that listed the profiles of each individual of the
4th platoon, including our parents names and addresses.
That notebook listing, was used time and time again, to  
verify or find every surviving member of our platoon, 33
years later! 
THANK YOU, LT. COMSTOCK!              

We also have an artist in our platoon, second squad       
leader Jerald Swenson. He provided artwork in the      
Nam, and we appreciate that he has helped us now.      
Thanks, Jerry!

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