Fire Direction Center

Here's an interesting job. Move tactically to a fire position and precisely   
determine your location. Setup your plotting board and wait for observers 
to call for fire. When they do, figure out the distance and direction from   
the target and translate that information into gun deflections and elevations
Figure out what ammunition to use, how much to fire, and what charge to 
fire on. Issue all commands to fire, and at no time can you see your target,
and every mistake you make carries the real possibility that you could kill  
someone you don't want to. Lets not forget that they are also infantrymen,
and not just infantry, but light infantry, and out in the elements, like the rest
of the platoon!                                                                                         


 Plotting  Board

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Fred A. Bassler * FDC * Woodbury, PA
Now Resides In Dillsburg, PA

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James S.Calpin * FDC * Philadelphia, PA
Still Resides In Philadelphia, PA

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David Tanner * FDC * Greenbelt, MD
Now Resides In Arnold, MD