Forward Observer's 

The responsibilities of the "FO" are immense, and a great amount of skill       
is needed to perform the job. The forward observer is essentially the "eyes"  
of the mortar squads. The primary duty of the "FO" is to adjust mortar fire    
on target for the supported unit. The "FO" maintains continuous observation 
so that he will not be caught by surprise, or changing situations on the            
battlefield. The success or failure of the mission, can depend on the actions    
and proficiency of one man on the battlefield- the Forward Observer!              

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Dwight F. Livengood * FO * Plevna, MT
Now Resides In Miles City, MT

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Donald G. Lamb * FO * Dixey, WA
Now Resides In Vancouver, WA

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Gilbert F. Hilleary * FO * Sacramento, CA
Now Resides In Yuba City, CA

Dennis H. Leary * FO * Clarksville, TN